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7 inch dick

The 7 Inch Penis Topic – Still Revelant About It!

A common question that is asked almost daily on the internet is “How long does it take a man to get a 7 inch penis?” I am sure you have all seen pictures or videos of men who have penis sizes that are way above the average. This is very embarrassing for a lot of men, especially those who are new to the whole penis size issue. A lot of them want to know the answer to the question but they don’t know where to find the answers. Well, I am going to tell you now. Here are the answers to your 7 inch penis size dilemma.

According to most experts, women only reach orgasm if there is something deep inside of them. This means that even if you are already very thick inside, if you are unable to satisfy a woman sexually, she will not reach orgasm because there is nothing there. But what do women think about this information? Most of them are still relevant about the fact that a big penis can give them better orgasms. If you are still not convinced with these statements, here are 2 more views shared on sexuality topic.

Some people believe that men who are able to satisfy their sex partners better tend to last longer in bed too. They say that the size of their penis is directly related to the level of satisfaction that their sex partners experience. You should note that these opinions shared on sexuality topic are only speculations. It is highly unlikely that a 7 inches penis can make your sex partner have an orgasm.

Another view shared on sexuality topic is about penis size and sex positions. There are many people who say that having a big penis size can lead a man to perform better in bed. For instance, some say that a man with a 7-inch penis can give better orgasms compared to those men who have a small penis size. If you want to be able to give better sexual satisfaction to your sex partners, then it is advisable for you to choose the right sex positions.

According to studies, having a big penis can give you more sexual pleasure because it can reach the deeper parts of your vagina or uterus. However, it can also lead you to have problems like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Men with a small penis are more likely to have these problems. Another problem that you may encounter if you have a big penis size is the tendency to thrust while having sex. Thrusting when you have a small penis size can result in premature ejaculation.

If you want to last long in bed with your partner, then it is a must for you to last longer in bed with your woman. But you need to know that it does not mean that you need to have an average penis size. You can have one even if you have a small one. The choice is up to you. So, are you still relevant about the 7 inch dick topic?

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