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What Were the Big Events in the 80s?

The 80s were a decade of great change in both the United States and around the world. The decade began with the introduction of the Gregorian calendar on January 1,1980, which ended on December 31st of that year. This was an extremely quick transition, considering how long it took for the United States to make the switch from the traditional calendar system to the new one. However, the transition to the new calendar did have its positive aspects. While the change was somewhat abrupt, it did provide some sort of uniformity that was absent before.

Although the decade was known as a popular decade, the truth is that there were quite a few reasons for its popularity. For one thing, the Reagan administration and the first two Secretaries of State (James Baker and George Schultz) were all in the late eighties, and this helped create a sense of national unity among Americans. Many Americans also became familiar with pop culture and were therefore more open to the political ideas presented in the eighties. On top of all of that, there were some major social, technological, and political developments that occurred during this period.

The most notable development was the invention of the home computer. The computer itself represented quite a change from its previous incarnations. There were earlier systems that were used primarily for sending and receiving information that included large, bulky machines. The use of computers in the home brought about the mass production of computers that had smaller, lighter machines that were used primarily for manufacturing.

Another important technological development was the development of the portable CD player. The use of a portable CD player was highly recommended for families who lived close together. These kinds of devices were much easier to bring along with people and use for making short trips. This made the home computer, a much more viable option for many families. The internet was also a part of the eighties. Most homes were connected by broadband lines that allowed people to surf the internet and stay connected when they were not in the house.

Music is another notable part of this decade. Hip hop music had become immensely popular by this time and many of its artists had become household names. It had been around for decades, but the eighties marked a period where it reached new heights. The biggest hit of this decade came from artists such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, and Queen, but it was the debut of Nirvana that put it all on the map. This band became one of the biggest in the industry, and their popularity stayed for several years.

A final part of this era of the eighties was the growth in the internet. The internet was used by millions of people, giving birth to companies such as Yahoo!, Google, and AOL. Many of these companies started in the eighties and grew considerably as the decade progressed.

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