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Can 9Gag About Pornography Get You arrested?

I’m sure you have come across the 9Gag2 site. This is a social networking site that was created by Brad Callen who is a 24-year-old Mr. porn geek. You probably came across his profile when searching for free porn and came across the link to his site. As you might expect, he’s pretty passionate about free porn. He also put together this site as a fun way for other people to share their opinions and thoughts on sexuality and movies.

I admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first came across this site. I know a bit about social networking and I’m not really sure if social media websites like MySpace and Facebook are going to get in the way of sharing stories and experiences. I mean the whole idea of these sites is to network with others and be social. People will come and post stuff on their wall and if you’re a member of a certain website, chances are you will see it. However, since this is a social network site I wondered how much of the story line of the Mr. porn geek was going to be left intact.

When I looked through the archive section of the site, I found that there were many posts written by members who were confused or just didn’t understand what the point of the site was. Some posts were even full of mild jokes aimed at helping people understand the story line better. These kinds of comments can sometimes make you laugh, but then you’re probably thinking that’s the problem with society. People use social networks to spread jokes about things they find funny. So does 9gag2.

It turns out that the majority of the members of the site aren’t actually pornographers. They are regular folks who enjoy free humor. Many are from all walks of life and have nothing against people enjoying free humor on the Internet. The Mr. porn geeks, however, are definitely the odd man out. They are actually the ones who post fake or stolen pornography and post them under funny categories.

It is true that you can find pictures of real people in some of these photos. But you’ll also find funny pictures in which people are holding up penises and having a good time. People who post gags and other types of funny photos may seem harmless to others, but they are spreading a dangerous message. They are encouraging others to do just that – share pornography.

When you consider the fact that sites like this have been around for a few years now, it’s obvious that they are here to stay. In fact, the only thing that could bring them down would be if people stopped posting them. Right now, millions of people visit the site every day. So anyone who wants to stop the spread of porn is certainly welcome to do so.

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