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The accidental Nude Photo Leak Will Not Stop The Clinton Campaign

Will the accidental nude photo leak of an email from a high profile political campaign have a damaging effect on the upcoming presidential election? Some people are speculating that the timing of the leak could have been an inside deal between Hillary Clinton’s top staffers and the Obama Campaign. This is of course purely speculation. If it was, however, it would certainly put some Dem voters off voting for the former First Lady due to what they see as her disloyalty to Obama. At the end of September, there was a news report that a woman had tweeted that she would be voting for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election. The tweet mentioned a picture of a nude photograph that she claimed was taken by a man she knew to be a member of the Clinton Campaign’s secret organization, the “onds.” Within hours of the tweet, the news report was published by multiple media outlets. A quick search of the twitter handle found that the tweet had been tweeted on September 13th. Less than one hour after the original tweet, Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, posted another tweet saying that the photo of the candidate was “carefully” taken by a staff photographer while taking a break during a break in the campaigning. Both statements essentially indicated that the accidental nude photo leak would have a damaging effect on the upcoming presidential election. The obvious damage was caused by the leaking of an intimate photograph of the top candidate in the democratic nomination process. Many members of the press have taken the tweet as a subtle dig at the Hillary Clinton campaign and the ties of her inner circle to the notorious Washington Post. Reports that the Clinton Campaign may be working with the newspaper to help them strategize have been circulating. Will this affect the outcome of the upcoming presidential election? It’s possible. The same cannot be said of the accidental nude photo leak of a celebrity that tweeting about the upcoming presidential election. For one thing, she has already Tweeted about the event. With social media, and now the use of devices such as Twitter, iPads, and other mobile devices, it is entirely possible for anything posted online to become viral. In fact, this probably is the reason that political hacks are constantly trying to hack into the computer systems of political parties. They look for nude photos that they can release to the press and hold the information for several days so that news organizations run stories about the nude figure. In this case, the photo leak was almost like a viral prank. The news reports created a lot of buzz around the nude figure, which then turned the general public against the Clinton Campaign and the political machine she represents. Check rhona mitra nude. If the Clinton Campaign wants to regain the trust of their core supporters, this accidental nude photo might be something to consider. If the hacked emails from the DMC were authentic, this could very well be the line in the sand that they will be able to walk across. The Clinton Campaign, if they are smart, should see this as a chance to get the message out that they are better able to relate to the American people than the current President. By addressing issues head on and taking responsibility for one mistake, the Clinton Campaign may be able to move past the embarrassment that may have been caused by one small blunder in judgment.

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