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amy lee nude

Should Amy Lee Nude Photos Be Taken Out of context?

Recently, I read an article on the internet by a female blogger that explained why she likes Amy Lee nude pictures. She also claimed to have sampled many of them herself. That’s interesting since I usually don’t sample anything unless it is something I really want and am willing to pay for. Now then, I am going to take this advice and try some of those things that she suggested that might help my sex life. Let’s see if I can help you with that as well.

First off, I have heard about lots of the free celebrity pics floating around the internet. And truth be told I don’t really mind either since they are free. But one thing I definitely do not like is when you pay for a photo to sign up for a mailing list or to download a video. If I was in fact going to sign up for something like that I would simply look at it for a few minutes first and decide whether or not I want it before paying for it. And most of the free celebrity pictures on the internet are not worth the money that they are asking for anyway.

Also, I will admit that I have looked at a couple of the free celebrity pictures on sites that I visit from time to time. Mostly, I really just do it to see what is out there and to keep an eye on what the celebrities are doing. I do not download any videos, books, etc. from those sites, but I have done so on occasion. For example, I saw that one time Amy Lee was at a book signing and I went and bought a copy of her new book and I thought it was great.

Anyway, I’ll tell you what I didn’t like about this particular celebrity photo shoot: her nipples were completely bare. I found it to be rather disturbing. Maybe I’m old fashioned but this made me really feel old. Plus, it wasn’t the type of picture that I would have appreciated showing off to my friends over a beer at the bar. So, it wasn’t much of a plus.

In fact, I feel that Amy Lee should be ashamed of herself. She is a nude star and she should keep her body natural and let the hair down. Why does she need to publicize herself as a nude star? She is hurting people who think that being a star means that you have to wax your body for the world to see. It is insulting and I am sure that the other nude star that was interviewed by CNN felt the same way.

The truth is that everyone should be allowed to be who they are. If Amy Lee had brought her body into the interview she might have been interviewed differently. Maybe, just maybe, that nude star of hers should never have had her photos taken and instead just show off her beautiful body in a swimsuit. It is her job to promote herself and she can do that in a professional manner. No one has to touch her body or have contact with it unless she wants to in a magazine or on a website.

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