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anal punishment

Why Should I Punish Myself?

What is anal punishment really all about? Well, it is not about spanking, pinching, or slapping. Yes, these are forms of punishment that you might consider using in your everyday life, but if you want to know how they compare to anal play, you need to read this article. In this article, we will compare spanking, a plug, and anal play.

Spanking: Spanking is the most common form of punishment for anal sex. You can either spank the other person or just hit them with a hard object. Spanking or hitting can cause bruises and even scars on the buttocks. The best way to punish a person is by letting them know they have done something wrong and they will eventually learn their place.

A plug: plugs or balls are also forms of anal discipline. The difference between a plug and a ball is that balls are used when you are performing cunnilingus on a woman. Plug is when you are performing oral sex. A plug will help the woman to relax her whole body especially her pubic area. The result of a plug being used is usually an explosive orgasm.

Assaults: These are acts that people commit when anal discipline is concerned. Assaults are when a person performs cunnilingus on someone without permission. Assaults are usually carried out when the person does not know what they are doing. When there is no anal discipline, there will be a lack of bounds. If there are no boundaries, there will be constant touching, fondling, and even assault.

Masturbation: Yes, masturbating is considered as anal play too. There are people who masturbate simply for the fun it brings. This is usually done by men because women can be sensitive about it. If you want to give your partner a mind blowing orgasm when it comes to anal play, then you should take it to the next level by stroking her butt with your fingers and then penetrate using your fingers.

So, if you are going to indulge in anal play and if you want to see results from your actions, then it is important that you perform these things correctly. You need to be aware about each of the following so that you do not end up having regrets. First of all, you need to understand that there are different types of punishment that people use. anal discipline will teach you how to make your life better and more interesting because there will be no more shyness and embarrassment when it comes to anal play.

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