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anal surprise

Anal Surprise – How to Solve This Unique Problem

When your partner has had an ‘Aha Moment’ and decides it’s time for anal surprise, be prepared. Like many great sex ideas, this one isn’t for the faint-hearted or desperate. But if you do it right, it can be one of the best experiences of your life! And if you make the ‘right’ choices, you could be Awe-worthy once again!

So here’s how you can try using anal surprises on your man tonight… You need to think back to when you were first turned on by a new partner. Do you remember the feeling? Remember when your tastes started to change and you found yourself watching adult movies instead of the latest release of your favourite soap opera? Well now is your chance to use the same sensations you used then to give your man that same type of pleasure. Anal surprises are great because they can feel just as good – if not better than – regular foreplay. It’s like you’ve been allowed a sneak preview of what’s to come.

When you’re planning your surprise, make sure you take note of what the two of you have been watching in the past. If you’re into dirty talk and porn, then this will definitely be a hit. However, if you prefer romance, there’s bound to be a lot of other things he wants to see you doing!

When you’ve got your special guy ready for his anal surprise, remember to use a double toy. That’s right, two! One for him to sniff and one for you to gently stimulate. Once he’s a little more aroused, try rubbing your clitoris against his butthole while making eye contact.

Now, when you’re watching your porn video in HD, pay close attention to the positions he uses. Most men like to do them in the missionary position. It’s a position that gives you full access to his rectum, so you can stimulate him really well. But did you know that his favorite position is the “doggy position”? That’s right, sitting down and being bent over in the “doggy” position!

Once you’ve got him all excited, don’t forget the foreplay. Plenty of foreplay! Anal surprises need to be really exciting so that your man has no choice but to reach climax. So long as you keep that in mind and don’t go overboard, your anal surprise video will be a winner! Make sure to save the porn clip to watch later, though, because you might not want to pass up the opportunity of seeing it again!

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