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“Naked” Novel – By Andrea Thompson – Book Review

“Nude Women Loving Dog” by Andrea Thomas is definitely one of the best books on relationships and dating that I have ever read. The author, Andrea Thomas, takes us back in time to some ancient times and through ancient civilizations and explores how people from past cultures viewed their relationship and what their views on nudity were at the time. We are introduced to two cultures that had no cable television and no internet so communication was via word of mouth and physical violence. The book profiles a girl from Athens who falls in love with an Egyptian while traveling with her husband and brother in their native country.

The story really starts off when her husband decides to surprise his beloved wife with naked her on their first night out together. This is a bit of a turn off to both her brother since nudity is not what they expected. However, when her brother develops an illness and has to be hospitalized she has no choice but to obey and allows her husband to take her away for her health sake. It is at this point that we see the beginning of the deterioration of the relationship due to the extreme level of nudity and the lack of communication between the two women.

Themes throughout this book run from cultural differences to societal views of nudity and a lot more. For example, one chapter focuses on the differences between Greek and Jew culture where the former places nudity much more highly than the latter. The author shows through her writing how different social groups view nudity and how those views change over time. Some chapters even compare the two cultures in the present day. It is interesting to look at how society has changed over time and how that has affected how people view one another. Some of the chapters even detail the mannerisms and personal hygiene habits of ancient cultures in order to give you an idea of how these personal aspects played into the formation of certain relationships.

What I found interesting, and what might not be so interesting to you, is that the author shows how nudity and love can actually be compatible within a relationship. In one case she describes a couple that loves each other very much but allows for nudity when necessary. Another couple that is in long distance relationships allowed but never revealed their nudity until one decided it was time for the other to come home. These couples have an interesting sort of halfway house relationship where neither party is too comfortable with the other.

The nude scenes in this novel are well written and portray the intimate moments of a relationship in a subtle and loving way. The author creates characters that are real and believable. I felt like I knew them all along and hoped that you did too. This is a book about falling in love and wanting to share that bond with the person that you adore, but it is also a book about the human need for privacy and intimacy as well.

If you are looking for a romantic, erotic, intimate, and totally realistic novel then “Naked” is definitely a must read. Just keep in mind that some readers may find the sexual content a little too tame for their tastes. But then, if you are open-minded and willing to give this a try, you will enjoy this book. Andrea Thompson’s “Naked” series will make many readers very happy and satisfied.

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