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Will Anna Kendricks Remove herself From the Free Porn Industry?

Anna Kendricks is a Canadian actress and model who has appeared in a few films, most notably Campione (2021). She made her feature film debut in the fantasy comedy Camp (2021). She went on to appear in several more movies including A Simple Touch (2021), The Perfect Score (2021), and Speed (2021). It seems that Anna has always been open minded when it comes to the subjects of sex and pornography. In fact, she discussed the topic with Yahoo! Answers user “joester”:

“Porn can be tough to talk about…it’s not something that comes naturally. For me, porn directors and performers know that it’s important to talk about the work. It’s part of their job. I’ve seen many films where the director or performer isn’t necessarily open about how they get the scenes. In a porn movie, the scene is supposed to be explicit – you wouldn’t show a man getting a blow job if you weren’t supposed to be gross and/or playful throughout the act.”

I’m not sure if Anna was asked about “the nanny cam” in her previous film, but it could have been an alternative reference to the free porn clip shown on YouTube during the Oscar ceremony. Regardless, Anna definitely had strong opinions about the subject. And as far as nudity goes, it looks like Anna Kendricks’ “performance” in Campione was quite the downer. She looked very uncomfortable and barely flirted with the camera throughout the film – it was like she was wearing no clothes at all!

Perhaps it is because of this that Anna has decided to release a free porn video entitled “Naked.” Although she called the film “free,” it does come with a price. As noted above, Anna did not disclose her entire body in the video, which may appeal to some film lovers who prefer their stars in more flesh. However, for others, it was obvious just from watching the film that Anna was totally nude in most of the free porn scenes depicted.

Now, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that Anna is beautiful – professionally models often need to pose nude for promotional purposes, especially those designed to advertise lingerie or swimsuits. And the bad news is that we already know that Anna didn’t really “nude” in that one scene – we saw her covered with a white sheet. As a result, many are wondering if Anna should have been paid the same amount of money that adult performers make for performing nude scenes in movies like “Caught Stealing.” One could argue that being exposed to the public – while still beautiful and desirable – negates the validity of the work altogether.

However, as is normally the case with Anna Kendricks, we will have to wait and see if she releases any more free porn videos. For anyone who can deal with the nudity, she has given fans a lot to be excited about. For others, it will probably be best to wait until she doesn’t need to appear in a film anymore. In the meantime, Anna’s fans can enjoy the beautiful shots that were included in her last video before she moves into semi-seclusion. She has given fans something to look forward to while at the same time giving them something to be disappointed in.

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