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What Is Apetube?

A pet store located in the town of Yountville, California has put up a website called, “Apotube,” which carries adult videos and other sex-related items. Customers who shop at this store are instructed to log onto this website during their checkout time. If they wish to view free porn movies, they simply need to enter the website’s main page and scroll down to “Payment.” At the bottom of this page, you will find a link which leads to a form to submit your credit card.

According to the Yountville Mercury News, Apotube owners Jessica Verdon and her husband, Michael Weiss, do not believe in discrimination. Instead, they feel that the practice of requiring customers to pay for something they wish to view is a violation of their constitutional right to freedom of speech. The couple’s argument is simple: if a customer cannot pay for something that they consider offensive, then the government cannot control what they view. Therefore, by forcing customers to pay for their choices, the government is, in their opinion, intruding upon their constitutional rights. According to the couple, the law should not prevent them from putting adult-related materials on their website or participating in a public display of sexual activity.

While the Yountville Mercury News reported that several customers have been forced to pay for products displayed on Apetube, the owner indicated that he has no plans to change this policy. “We chose this model because people enjoy free porn and feel uncomfortable giving money for free stuff,” said Weiss. “Apotuube isn’t a porn store.” He went on to add, “The fact is that people expect to pay for free stuff, not free porn. I’ve seen people pay with their credit card for a movie.”

According to Weiss, Apotube intends to continue offering this type of service for customers. “We don’t plan to change our policy in the future,” he said. In addition to free movie downloads, customers can also access special offers and free games. Weiss believes the growing success of this free service proves that people are tired of living without certain freedoms. The founder feels that the company offers a very unique product that allows people to take control of their leisure time.

“The more personal your experience on the Internet is, the more satisfied your customers will be,” added Weiss. In addition to the free movie site, Apotube offers other services like group game play and online chat rooms. In order to encourage more customers to join the free services offered, Apotube offers a one time free subscription to its customers. This subscription offer has proven to be very popular with customers who were initially turned off by the idea of giving up free Internet access in exchange for a monthly membership fee.

Although Apotube does not offer a large number of features and options that would interest a mainstream audience, its unique approach to Internet comfort and user friendliness makes it stand out. “The idea of giving something up for free creates a sense of responsibility in the customer that they didn’t have before,” said Weiss. The goal is to keep people hooked on the Internet and making their lives easier at the same time. “People want to know they are giving something up for something bigger and better,” added Weiss. Both parties come out of the deal satisfied and happy.

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