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August Ames nude Art Gallery apology

The owner of the August Maine Nude Art has been contacted by several people since he started doing nude art. He always replies that he is not offended by anyone who asks him to take free porn photos. He also states that he will not sell any nude photos. So far, many people have tried to ask him to remove his nude works of art. All of which have been turned down.

Many might wonder why someone would spend money on nude art when there are plenty of free places online where they can get images that are much better quality. When a person decides to take nude pictures free of charge, it means that the quality of the image and the size are less than the standard. This means that the file size would be much smaller in size and it will take a very long time to download. Also, most free sites do not allow free images that have blood or other violent images in them.

People who are offended by the very idea of owning nude art are only expressing their own lack of understanding of the artist. In fact, these people are only hindering free speech and degrading human beings. The artist might as well draw something that comes from another part of the world and put it up for free on the Internet. Why should someone expect that someone else would understand the seriousness of what he has created if he does not?

Not long ago, I had a discussion with an acquaintance who is very offended by nude art. I asked her why she felt that she needed to buy the paintings when she knew they were not very nice looking. She told me that nudity was part of human history and that she believed that nudity was beautiful. I then told her that she was not actually seeing it as beautiful but as disgusting and inappropriate in today’s society.

I did not believe that she cared much about nudity in general or the artists that created nude art. After all, there are plenty of talented and deserving people out there who do not deserve to be called names or have their talents attacked because of something that they did years ago. However, she kept insisting that she did and wanted to buy the paintings so that she could buy them and show them off to everyone. I gently told her that I did not support her doing this and that I thought that the free market could work better than the government and that she would do well to leave nude art up to the free market where she had a choice of quality over quantity.

Apparently, the nude art gallery had invited her to come in and buy some paintings and she was offended because she is a free-market oriented thinker. So, rather than solve the problem of having nude art gallery etiquette problems, she decided to heck with it and let the free market decide what was acceptable and what was not acceptable. Of course, I suppose that we both knew that she could not come into our home and get the paintings that she wanted without first getting everyone’s permission first, and I respected that. In fact, when I joined the Art Institutes, I made sure that all of the students were required to get permission from the owner of the artwork before they could display or sell it. If you can think of an issue that goes on in your workplace, I would be happy to see how you can resolve it without having to deal with censorship, which by the way is nothing more than protecting the offensive ideas from being expressed.

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