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BBC – The World’s Leading Public Service Broadcasting

The BBC is a leading international public service broadcasting corporation, based at Broadcasting House in London, England. It broadcasts to all parts of the world. The Corporation also operates and produces TV shows and films, and has many other media outputs. It was founded in 1922 by Sir Miles Watson-Watt and is now known as BBC World Service.

BBC Radio and Television have several stations and satellite radio channels covering most of the world. In addition, there are also local television programmes, and a wide range of radio programmes. BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2 are popular music entertainment programmes which broadcast to millions of listeners from around the world each day. Radio 1 covers most of Europe and Asia; Radio 2 broadcasts in America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Oceania.

The BBC is Britain’s leading provider of news and current affairs and a leading supplier of sports, news, drama, music, film, cartoons and comedy. It is one of the leading public services in the world. BBC Television is one of the world’s leading providers of news, drama, television programmes and film. BBC News and Current Affairs include the award winning news programme; The Report, which presents news and current affairs and other programmes which look at some of the most important stories of the day. The documentary programme, Assignment Tonight, reports on some of the most interesting stories from the world.

The BBC Film and Television Academy are one of the leading film and television programmes in the world. It is a not for profit organisation. It takes pride in producing and presenting the best British film and television programmes and it produces the annual Bafta awards in which best British film and television programmes are voted for and presented to their makers. The awards are open to British residents.

It is a government funded body and is accountable to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. It is funded by licence fees paid by British citizens for the use of its radio, TV and cinema services.

The BBC is a wholly independent media organisation, which is funded by the UK Government. It is governed by a Code of Practice which sets out the BBC’s editorial policies. and editorial standards.

The BBC is an international leader in providing news and information across the globe. It is committed to making its services as accessible as possible to those people who want it, on a global scale, through programmes which are unique, exciting and informative.

As a publicly funded, independent organisation, BBC is committed to the public interest and is known for its impartiality. It is also known for its diversity and for its commitment to ensuring that all people from all backgrounds have equal access to the programmes it broadcasts.

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