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caught naked

Step Son Caught Naked, What Do You Do Now?

“Caught naked?” My answer is a quick NO. I prefer “Caught on Tape.” That is how I will choose this article and I will not be reading any free pornography sites in particular.

If you have been on the Internet at all, you know that there are some disturbing sites out there that are loaded with (almost) naked pictures and scenes. Recently, there was even an award winning award for the top most offensive websites on the net. How the industry can allow this stuff to circulate on the Internet is beyond me. People should be ashamed of themselves and I am shocked that our society allows this type of thing to take place. Some sites get more than a million hits a day; it is unbelievable.

I am sure you are as disgusted as I am about these things. However, they do happen and that is why we have the freedom to seek out what we want when we want it. The problem with “Caught on Tape” is that it often times is edited and certain portions are cut out. If someone really thinks they can get away with it, they will. You can bet that the person who got caught naked on tape by their secret admirer has never seen the picture before and they are mortified and hate the person who did it to them.

If you have ever had your balls or crotch touched with someone’s member or maybe even rubbed against it, then you can understand why we feel comfortable with our rear end being seen on tape. This is only one of the problems with catching someone doing something sick. There is also the story of a young girl in an Ohio high school who was caught on tape while she was masturbating with her teacher. The fact that she did not get arrested speaks volumes about how society thinks and feels about these things. To most people, exposure is not such a bad thing.

Some may argue and say that this particular girl should have been more careful because no one will actually come in to that house… Right? In the bedroom no one will ever come in unless there is nudity involved. So, why was she in that room without a condom? She may be considered a freak by some but that is not true in the real world. People who are caught on tape doing sick acts or sickening acts of penetration like “Caught Fucking My Boyfriend”, are not considered freaks. Society has a different view on those people.

So the next time you find yourself watching the news or doing research on someone on the internet, pay close attention. No matter what angle you are looking at the story from, you will find something that is disturbing. You may even find yourself thinking “what the hell was she doing watching porn in the first place”? Remember, these were some of the things that your step son did to his best friend. Think of the consequences if you find yourself in the same situation. It is not funny…

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