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chanel west coast nude

The Chanel West Coast Nude Store Has Some Great Free Videos

For those who love free Porn, there is Chanel West Coast Nude Perversion of the week. Every Sunday, Chanel has a free porn video posted on their site for you to browse and download. The videos range from some of Chanel’s classic fashion films of the past to this year’s big movie “Ms Untouchable.” For those who don’t watch the movies, you still get to see some of the most beautiful women on the planet performing some of the wildest moves imaginable. You won’t be able to resist them.

This is one of the many free porn sites on the Chanel site. They offer many choices for your enjoyment. As with anything free, some are better than others. On Chanel’s site, for example, they offer a wide selection of “gorgeous celebrities” to choose from, all in beautiful skin. If you want to get even more free porn, they have a gallery of some of the top scenes from Ms. Victoria’s Secret.

The most recent video included in this free series is the Victoria’s Secret / Chanel Nude G-String Gown Sex Video. It is part four in a set called “Revelation Collection.” I just checked out the other two and am really digging the nudes. In this video, Leighton Meester gets all dressed up in her hottest outfit yet and takes a man’s hard-on in the back. After some foreplay, she takes it down to the floor and gets down right dirty, doing plenty of nasty oral sex. Of course, we don’t really get to see what happens on the actual “casting” part, but it was very exciting to me.

Other free video links on the Chanel site include “A Woman’s Clothes Can Be No Longer Fitted,” featuring Ann Demeulemeester and Boots Keemia, and “The Hottest Body Adore by Maxine,” which features bikini clad dancer Natalia Cherry. Another video on the Chanel website shows how to “ercustom” a swimsuit. So who is using these free videos? Are they promoting more of the mainstream companies that pay big dollars to models? The answer is probably not…

A quick browse of the “about” and “press” section of the site shows a few things. Chanel does own the site, so they obviously do have some sort of financial investment in these videos. Additionally, the “Naked” video is the third highest viewed in existence on YouTube and has been watched over 2 million times. I would bet money that Chanel does have a budget for this particular video. There is also another site called Pink-Lips that features some of the videos, but you will have to pay to access those since they are not free.

I was extremely intrigued by the free videos until I realized that they were only on the site for a few minutes. Then I realized that you had to purchase the entire package to access all the content on the site. In conclusion, if you are a fan of the Nude brand, then you owe it to yourself to download all the free stuff that is available. It is well worth the price.

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