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claudia black nude

The Nude Scenes in Dragon Age Origins Is a Must Read

Claudia Black nude from the new movie “Nude” definitely has the body to keep viewers interested. But in true Julia Roberts fashion, there are still plenty of aspects of the film which leaves one scratching their head in wonder. The main mystery is as to what the star was smoking on in the background while doing her scenes. We get to see the movie but apparently not the smoking, nor is there a reference to it anywhere in the film.

Claudia Black is an Australian actress best known for her work in the television dramas Dragon Age and Horizon, the last of which was released in 2020. Her voice career spans over 10 years starting with the well-known soap opera, The X-Files, and concluding with the role of Anna in the award-winning science fiction series, The Chronicles of Riddick. As Anna the stray and feral girl, her appearance in the video game Dragon Age: Origins was one of the surprises of 2020. Black has since gone on to play the lead character in the fantasy role-playing game Baldur’s Gate, a role which saw her playing the dark elves. While all this is good for fans of her work, the most interesting aspect of her recent releases have been her attempts to channel her love of fantasy into the realm of mainstream cinema with the release of the movie Nude.

The movie itself is based upon the story of two characters who find themselves stranded on an island after a massive storm. One of the characters is a merchant and the other is an NPC whom we first meet as a merchant’s daughter looking for her father’s help who has gone missing. As the game progresses, the two characters become acquainted and fall in love with each other. Their relationship blossoms and they are thrown into the deep end of a video game conflict where their love for one another blossoms. For those of us who have played video games long enough to experience this love story, the sudden appearances of nude scenes in the video game Dragon Age: Origins was a definite disappointment.

In all fairness, the use of nudity in this game was not done in a way that was intended to sexualize Black. In fact, one of the major reasons we loved playing the game was because of the character of Hawa Mahajan, the game’s main character. He is a Thain, who is seen as a pure blooded mage, one who believes in the sanctity of all living things and does not view human life as disposable. It is only later in the game that we discover that Black is the daughter of a merchant who had lost his wife to a dragon. It is only then that we come to understand the meaning of the nudes and the role that they play in the game as Hawa seeks to protect everyone he cares about from the dragons.

Despite the scenes that some may find offensive, the overall concept of the game did make sense. Black is a character made entirely out of human skin, so it should be no surprise that he would lose some of his cloudiness while struggling against his enemies. The developers of Dragon Age: Origins saw this as an opportunity to create a character that actually has some depth, making the female player feel as though she is exploring not only the world of the game, but her own character as well.

Of course, people are free to enjoy whatever visual images they choose to view in any media format they deem appropriate. For fans of Dragon Age: Origins, there is no doubt that the use of Black’s nude scenes were a smart move. But for others, they might view the scene as being inappropriate for the mature video game. This all depends on the viewer, but as we all know, the opinion is a matter of perspective, and the views of many can often be considered controversial or insulting.

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