College Sex Party – A Guide to Planning Your Event

If you want to add some excitement to your college sex party this year then it is time that you made this possible. You can add a little thrill and excitement to any of your sexual adventures at home or at a friend’s house thanks to adult movies. You don’t have to worry about anyone finding out. Free porn on demand can make your college sex party the most exciting one yet.

If you are having a themed party then there are a lot of free porn sites that will allow you to download as many films as you want. You will be able to choose which films you would like to rent and enjoy watching. This means that you get to choose what genre of sex you are into. If there are a lot of straight sex scenes in the movies then you might want to check them out, if not, then you will find something that is more towards the erotic side.

There are two ways that you can make your college sex party really special. First, you can give out favors, such as condoms and bags of candy. Second, you can make your own movie at home. With a little bit of creativity you can make a porno movie of your own and give it out as a party favor.

A great way to liven up your college sex party would be to create a scavenger hunt for the guests. The guests can find clues in the form of sexy little props that they can use in the wild. You can either have the clues put on cards or leave them anonymous in the guests’ beverages. Your guests will have a great time uncovering the hot prizes as they search for the clues.

To add even more excitement to your college sex party, you can also make a game out of it. Put the guests to sleep and then blindfold them and have them lie down face-down on the bed. Then, get down on your knees and perform fellatio on each one of them as you massage their breasts, rub their faces, and lick their lips. After doing this, you can then take a shower and sing “Happy Birthday” to each person while they look at their prize.

When it comes to planning a college sex party, there is no better resource at hand than the Internet. Not only can you find all kinds of great information about planning sex parties, but you can find great party ideas as well. You can even find out exactly where to send your sex party invitations so that no one is missed out.