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How to Cuckold Your Husband – Earn His Respect and Make Him Want to Marry You Again!

A common question that I get asked a lot from wives is how to make their husband’s cuckold fantasy come true with cuckold blogs. It can be a very interesting fantasy to have your husband go against his desires and cuckold you. If you want to feel good and be in control of your sexual pleasure, you should definitely learn more about cuckold blogs and how to use them to give your husband the kind of pleasure he has been dying to have. Here are a few tips for you.

First, you must understand how a cuckold blog works. You will need to realize that your husband is in love with your tight little body. Therefore, the idea of having another man put his head between your legs and screw you is not that appealing to him. He does not want to be a “good boy” and live up to that image of himself.

So, if your main goal is to get access to your husband’s cuckold fantasies, then you must stop making him think that is what you want. You have to play hard to get and keep his interest and his attention on you. The best way to do this is to post more in his blog than he posts in yours. If you keep your husband engaged in this “voyeuristic” activity by posting more on your blogs than he does on yours, you will soon have him thinking about getting “special” and “cuckold”.

Second, it is important that you show your husband that you respect his wishes and boundaries. By using his cuckold blog as a way to get closer to him will only make him resent you. You must show him in every post that he does not have the final say and that he can’t act on what you both want. This will make him feel good and make him respect your boundaries.

Third, it is also important that you take cuckolding to the bedroom not as a romantic “thrice” or something that you are trying to get away with but rather as something that is natural and should be experienced. You are your husband’s good boy and his custodian, so you need to make him feel like he is the one you want him to be. Spend a few minutes in the morning or at night teasing and pleasuring him. Make him work for it and make sure that he knows that he is supposed to treat you well. If he respects your decisions and boundaries, then he will treat you well in the bedroom.

Finally, if you want to earn his respect and make him want to be with you again, treat him the same way you would treat your good boy boyfriend. Compliment him on his good looks, his nice personality, his intelligence and the things that he has accomplished. Ask him out on dates. The point is not to rush things, make them natural and give him room to figure things out on his own. You might be shocked at how quickly a cuckold relationship can pick up if you follow these three tips.

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