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cum lovers

Knowing the Art of Cunnilingus to Make Your Woman Orgasm Easily

As the name implies, Cum Lovers is for men who like to cuddle with their women after she has an orgasm. That means a woman can have an orgasm before you and cuddle her and get her fully satisfied. Most women prefer this type of sexual position than any other. Why is it that most women love this position?

It’s because you can touch her sensitive parts while cuddling her and that makes her feel special. Women tend to be very emotional and need to be loved and appreciated. Touching them the right way makes them feel wanted. Touching her body part that’s meant to be loved and appreciated makes a woman feel special. There is also the psychological aspect of giving a woman pleasure that increases her desire for you. Achieving this makes it easy for her to achieve another orgasm.

The main reason why most women love to cuddle time when having sex is because they do not want to lose you in the mix. Cuddle time allows you to stay close to her while satisfying her sexual desires. Most women love to cuddle time more than any other sexual position. They do not want to lose you in the mix of having sex with her. This position gives you control over her and she feels more in control of the whole situation.

Cunnilingus is one of the best ways to give a woman multiple orgasms in one night. It can be used as a method to prevent ejaculation or to help prolong a man’s orgasm. Men may think that giving a woman an orgasm is only for women but that is not the case. Even men as young as 30 years old can experience multiple orgasms. If a man can learn how to control his ejaculation then he can give his partner multiple mind blowing orgasms and feel like a king.

For women it is important to get into the mind set that orgasm is only one part of the sexual experience. A good cunnilingus guide should teach women how to enjoy foreplay and intercourse. Foreplay involves kissing, licking, pinching, stroking and kissing the clitoris in order to put her in the mood for intercourse. You can stimulate her sensitive areas during intercourse. Some men use a finger instead of a penis to stimulate the clitoris which makes it easier for a woman to have an orgasm.

Finding a cunnilingus guide that is written by an experienced cunnilingus guide is crucial for women. You can find them on the internet. They will be able to share their knowledge and help you make your partner achieve mind-blowing orgasms. You can also look for cunnilingus tips and techniques on the internet. Always keep in mind that communication is the key to a successful sexual experience.

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