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How to Perform a Deep Blow Job – Be a Sex God in 4 Minutes!

Deep Blow is a male enhancement tool that enables you to have sex with your woman from behind. The term “behind” is key here, because when you get in bed with her, you have to be able to go down deep and spend quality time with her. When you are thrusting away from her in a slow motion with your penis, it gives her a very arousing feeling that makes her knees wobble and her back arch. You can feel the tension in her body as she moans loudly and soon enough you will be at the edge of an orgasm. Make sure though that you go all the way down to the base.

To perform this technique, you will need to download a porno movie that has some good content. If possible, you should choose something with some real hardcore stuff in it so that the sexual stimulation you receive will be at its best. Another important thing is to get the right kind of condoms. A condom that covers the g-spot correctly is important so that you can really give her pleasure.

Get some lube and lubrication too so that things run smoothly. Make sure though that the lube is water-based as oil can sometimes do more harm than good. With a porno movie to help you out, just turn on the u-tube and choose something that you think she would like. In most cases, she will either climax or lose interest when the scene isn’t really hot. This is when you know it’s time to slow things down.

Next up, try some hand gestures. Some guys might touch their penis on the back or even on the palm side while they are performing oral sex on a girl. It is actually more sexual than just touching directly on her vagina. Women like the subtle movements and this turns them on a lot. By rubbing your penis on her side or even licking her clitoris in a seductive motion, you are setting the scene for a mind-blowing sex session.

You can also use your mouth. While you might think that this isn’t good for you, a woman will definitely love it. Just take a guy who has never done this before and introduce him to a new way of blowing. For starters, you can start by gently sucking on his penis shaft while sliding your tongue on the base and continue up until you reach the head.

Another great thing to try is to go down deep. The G spot is located at the base of the penis, so make sure you get to know your partner’s g spot well. Start by circling it with your tongue for a while. Then move up to the middle and up to the top before finishing with the bottom. You can get as deep as you want and your girl will surely climax with just one move. Try some variations and get ready for the best blowjob of your life.

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