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The great thing about this movie is that it features 2 totally different kinds of women. There is the classic beauty that most of us are familiar with and that is the character of Madame Defargere. Then there’s the other woman here called Elvira. The two are the main characters of the film and they play by different roles.

Madame Defargere is a very open redhead with pale skin and long brown hair. She has beautiful eyes, a shapely body and an almost animal like ability to turn on men. The 35-year-old actresses Elvira Gellar and Jacob Lofland really go for it when they are on camera in these nude videos. The two have been married to different men over the years and they both enjoy the sexual intimacy that sex can bring.

The first video clocks in at only ninety seconds but it makes up for it with it’s content. The video shows how dirty it can get when two women decide to have some kinky love making. You could just imagine the looks on their faces when they get to watch each other’s bodies go at it on camera. This is the first in many of the hot girl bareload videos that Emmanuelle has made.

The second clip is also interesting as it shows the power of suggestion when it comes to the power of attraction. This clip takes place off of the set of the movie Trainwreck where Jacob Reuben and Angelina Jolie had a relationship before their appearance onscreen together. They show what it would be like to be on that set if their famous love had not happened. The movie grossed over $500 million at the box office and everyone who saw it will never forget the performance of the two celebrities.

The third video, entitled My Last Secret, is the most revealing of all the videos from this collection. It tells the story of the actress Kilian Washington, who was discovering naked at the bottom of a lake with a man cheating on her. She decided to take matters into her own hands and set up a meeting with the man to prove how he had been cheating on her. She performed the intimate act that she performed on a number of other people before with great success including Selena Gomez and Catalina Pompeo.

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