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exploited teens

Why Are Videos of exploitative teens so Important?

It is amazing how many adults who are in charge of protecting the youth find themselves having to defend pornography, which by the way is an exploitation of the young. Yet it is the adult’s fault that these exploited teens have been targeted and the adult societal reaction to that attack is to criminalize the adult who sought entertainment from those who were exploited. This all stems back to a basic moral failure on the part of the adult to protect the young from exploiting them. Somehow we need to ask ourselves why this is acceptable?

One episode features David Lebovitz as an adult movie actor whose real name is David Copperfield. His real job is to teach people illusion tricks and also performing magic. The reality is that he exploited the vulnerable young viewers of adult movies for his own gratifications. He used their vulnerability to sleep with them and then use the unsuspecting girls to sleep with him, often times in exchange for money. The true story of David Copperfield’s victimization can be compared to what happens to the young women and girls today in the pornographic industry.

This same show features Michael Chiklis as David Copperfield, but it is the real Michael Chiklis. He made his first appearance on this series as John Edward, the high school bully who was always teased and taunted by the other kids. Then the episode features his transformation into a much nicer person who wants to help the other kids who were being bullied. I found this to be very realistic because bullying has nothing to do with how a person looks like, it is about how they act. That is why there is no excuse for the adults to feel shame when they abuse young children.

Another episode features another adult movie star, Kaylie Duff. She plays Kaylee Green who has an abusive past and was on drugs and alcohol most of her life. She was also on some type of medication and became addicted to it. When she was a few years older, she was given drugs by her stepfather and began using them to get high. Once she was off of those drugs, she decided to get clean and started working with an outreach group that provides drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

What really makes this show remarkable is that no one in the cast or crew is older than 25 years old. These adults are just starting out in their careers, which is very uncommon for any type of professional work in the adult entertainment industry. It is also rare for these people to have experienced all of this before they begin working on the show. Plus, the other adult stars, who are all just as vulnerable as the kids, make the show even more endearing. The video length of the episodes makes them seem real and not like something that is trying to exploit them.

There are many more examples of how the show is important to contemporary society. Many people are under fire right now, especially since so many adults are unemployed and undereducated. However, the fact remains that many are struggling and there are a lot of families that have to put food on the table for everyone. There are many who do not go to college, so they must take whatever job they can find to pay the bills. Shows like Making Our Teenagers Go Home are vital in educating our youth about the struggles of our youth and how to survive in this tough economy.

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