How to Perform a FaceFUCK – A Basic Guide

A facefucking is a technique of deepthroating. Unlike regular oral sex, a facefucking is performed with the female’s mouth and nose facing towards the male’s groin. In contrast to oral sex, in which the woman’s face is completely hidden from the male’s view, a facefucking involves the woman’s exposed mouth and nose being in contact with the male’s manhood. It may seem that this is an uncomfortable or even taboo subject for most people. This is not the case, however, as facefuck are practiced by men all over the world.

The difference between a normal blow job and a facefucking: During a normal blow job, the penis is stationary and in a semi-erect position, while the woman’s mouth moves up and down over his erect penis. During a facefuck, the woman’s head is in either a semi-erect position or a forward movement, while the male’s penis thrusts forward and back on her open mouth. Facefucks are often seen on porn sites. Although they look similar to ordinary blow jobs, a facefucker has a very different technique. Here are a basic facefucking technique and tips on how to perform a successful facefucking.

Firstly, you need to make sure that you are well-hydrated prior to performing any type of facefucking. Drink plenty of water, but do not go overboard as you will dehydrate your skin. After you have consumed enough water, you should use a moisturizing cream on your face. After that, put on your lipstick. Remember to apply it evenly, without leaving streaks or blotches. You will also need a cloth to wipe your face with and of course, your mask.

Make sure you have lubricated your penis. You can lubricate your penis by applying petroleum jelly, but you should never rub your penis dry with anything. Rubbing a wet penis against your partner’s face will cause discomfort and will reduce the effectiveness of your face fucker. To keep your penis dry, you can also use a desensitizing cream specifically designed for male enhancement. lubrication. Use it until your penis is completely covered in oil.

When you’re ready to insert your penis into the mouth, make sure to gently guide your shaft through her open mouth until it is fully inserted. When the penis is completely inside, you will feel some resistance as your penis will be rubbing against the surface of the mouth. When the penis is fully inside, you should start moving your hips backwards and thrusting up and down.

As you move forward, the direction you move your hips will vary. Make sure that you do not thrust all the way into the back of your partner’s throat as this will cause you to hit her throat and could leave a mark. Moving down will feel more pleasurable than moving up. Continue doing this until you feel the tip of your penis going deep into her vagina.