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An Overview of Facesitting

Facial smooching or facesitting, otherwise known as kinging or queening, is an ancient sexual practice where one partner sits or lies on the other’s face in order to facilitate or encourage genital, oral or anal sexual contact. However, in recent decades many people have shunned this ancient and popular practice due to misconceptions that it promotes unsafe sex or that it is an act of violence. In fact, this practice is becoming more accepted as a safe way of satisfying your sexual needs and desires.

While there are no statistics available for the number of couples who engage in facesitting, it is estimated that over one third of all couples that engage in traditional genital contact are engaged in facesitting. In many cases, facesitting is a romantic way to engage in passionate foreplay with one another. While it may seem silly at first, couples who engage in facesitting will soon find out how arousing this technique can be. Once they get used to it, the act becomes much easier and more pleasurable.

Eroticism is the basis of this practice. The act of facesitting allows couples to experience the same sensations as when engaging in intercourse. For example, couples who engage in this act will share the feeling of arousal and stimulation that comes with intercourse. During this act, partners will explore their sexual senses as well as enjoy the benefits of being intimate with each other. This experience can also lead to increased stamina and libido among couples. Many people report that they were able to become more active and even more intense during their sex lives once they started practicing facesitting.

One of the most important health benefits of facesitting is that it can help couples who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Many men experience the inability to achieve and maintain an erection because of physical issues. If you want to keep this from happening to yourself, it is important that you try this technique as often as possible. By learning the techniques involved, you can overcome erectile dysfunction as early as possible.

While facesitting is a popular practice for a variety of reasons, it is also becoming more common for those who are looking for alternative ways of satisfying their sexual needs. This method of foreplay can allow couples to enhance their lovemaking experience without having to engage in intercourse. It allows them to experience the same sensations that would be associated with sex without the risk of having unprotected intercourse. Couples who want to give themselves a great oral sex experience or increase their orgasms while still being able to be intimate with their partners can benefit greatly by practicing facesitting.

The practice of facesitting does not have to be limited to only one type of couple. Whether you are married or in a relationship, couples can practice the act of facesitting without any shame or hesitation.

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