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What is Family?

Family is a word which is widely used to describe our biological family, as well as a set of close associates like siblings, cousins, spouse, parents and children. This word has been in common usage for many centuries and it is no longer in the minority, in today’s society. In many countries, this word is no longer used because of its negative connotations, but it has taken on a more positive meaning to encompass all those who belong to the extended family or community.

The word family means a basic family unit containing the parents and their offspring, considered to be a group; the classic family, in most cases, being the one that was established at the time of marriage and which has survived the passage of time, as such. It is also used to describe a social group that is related by blood or marriage; a family of the same religion, race, or nationality. The term family includes those who live together, those who have adopted each other, those who are related by marriage, or those whose parents or grandparents belong to the same social class.

In various cultures, especially in North America, a family is a large and varied grouping of individuals of various ages and origins, all with one common purpose, to raise their offspring. In fact, many families have taken on a rather stereotypical image of an old married couple living together, and the only people who do not fit into this picture are those who live on their own or those who have married for a second time.

The basic definition of the family is an organism or group of organisms, whose members reproduce by way of sexual reproduction and whose reproduction results in offspring. When dealing with the family, one should consider the definition in light of the fact that the family is made up of a number of related and interacting entities. Each member of the family will have their own individual role in the reproduction process and each member will have the responsibility to ensure that the reproduction process goes as planned. The family is responsible for its members’ maintenance and care; a parent will have to take care of his/her child until the child reaches adulthood, while a spouse will have to take care of their own children.

The word family can be used to refer to a specific relationship among the family members; this could include siblings or cousins or aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, and other relatives. The word family can also be used in reference to a set of unrelated individuals or a single person. In some cultures, a family is referred to a collection of people living together, whereas in some other cultures, the word family is defined as one set of unrelated people living together in a community.

Family relationships are normally characterized by closeness and affectionate interdependence between members of the same social class, culture, race or religion. The family also consists of members who share a common interest; a common job, or similar pastimes, or share common beliefs and values. A family unit will normally have members whose ancestors lived in the same community, lived in the same place, were born in the same neighborhood, or shared the same schools, worked for the same employer and so forth.

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