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fuck me daddy

“Fucking Me Daddy” Film Review

“Fucking Me Daddy” is a hot new video from French New Wave darling, Guy Garvin. Garvin has managed to capture the spirit of the 60’s and 70’s New Wave movie, which is about a young man who is so in love with his own father that he becomes obsessed with controlling all aspects of his life… including himself. While Guy Garvin has definitely pulled off a great role playing performance in the role of a man who gets too deeply involved with his father, I would have liked to have seen more of his father’s side of the story being shown…

Garvin begins his story with a bang, as we are introduced to a man called Mark, who is obsessed with watching the TV series, “The Young Ones”. Garvin’s character, Mark, then begins to try and emulate all of the characters on the show. This includes getting a girlfriend, taking his dad to the movies, and even going out for the night with a girl (played by the beautiful, Audrey Hepburn).

But it doesn’t take long for Mark to lose control of his life, as he soon finds out that his father is actually an evil man, intent on taking over the world. Garvin, in the role of Mark’s father, plays this part quite well, as Mark’s father has always been more interested in power and money than in Mark’s welfare. It’s only when Mark takes over his father’s business that he realises that he needs to get serious about living a good life.

Garvin then plays a series of scenes where Mark’s father attempts to manipulate his son to get back together with his girlfriend… and even tries to use him against her. Garvin plays his part quite well, as Mark’s father goes to all lengths just to get hold of his daughter… and when Mark finally decides to break things off with his girlfriend, it’s only because she refuses to give up the business.

Garvin does a great job portraying the character of Mark, and his father, but there’s one major problem with his storyline. It feels like Garvin is trying to prove that he is the heir to his father’s throne, but with all of Garvin’s other movies to promote, it seems that he’s not taking the time to make his story interesting enough.

“Fucking Me Daddy” is an entertaining film, but unfortunately fails at making it any better than it’s title. title suggests. I think this movie is a decent watch, but you’ll never get any deeper into the story than you need to. and you’ll probably still end up bored by the end of the film… at least I did.

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