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fuck me hard

Why Porn Causes Women to Be Uncomfortable

A lot of guys are wondering if it is alright to “fuck me hard” in bed. Some men have actually gotten in trouble for this and had to go to the court room to answer to their punishment, thinking that they were being sexual with their girlfriend when in actuality they were “fucking her”. Read on to discover what the legalities are for this dirty little habit and do away with your fear of what the future could hold…

Although some people have the wrong notions about this, it is completely legal as long as you are not forcing yourself on your girl. In fact, many women do enjoy the added pressure that comes from having someone who is much harder than normal to put it in her vagina. Some women even report that the rougher sex leads to them gaining a better erection and therefore enjoy it more. So, if you want to please your girl why not take things to the next level and get yourself a little rough pleasure?

One of the major reasons why people ask if it is okay to “Fuck me hard” is due to the fact that men use the phrase to get themselves in a situation where they can “rape” their girlfriends. But the truth is, no woman wants to be penetrated rough sex style by you or anyone else. You see, the issue with rougher sex is that it makes women uncomfortable during sex and in most cases it leaves them feeling not so “well” as they would like. You see, women generally take longer to reach orgasm than men, therefore making the whole act just a little bit too much for them and mentally dulling them.

The other problem with hard sex is that some men seem to forget about the importance of foreplay. Now this may sound like a cop out and you may even feel that it is an overrated point, but remember that the main reason we say “please” in the first place is because we want to be taken care of and that is what foreplay is all about. With porn movies you can easily forget this part and it is up to you to make sure that she is satisfied before the actual act begins.

Another thing to consider is that women are generally a lot more desensitised to porn then men are. This means that while men can come very quickly, it is usually women who require a little bit of time before they get there. This can mean that you can go from first orgasm to the next in the comfort of your own home, but if she has been treated to porn beforehand then she will have the sensation of arousal lowered and will be much less likely to be able to enjoy the actual act on its own. As such, you can forget about using porn movies to get her ready for hardcore sex and save yourself a load of embarrassment later on.

The other thing that porn movies cause women to be uncomfortable is due to the fact that most of them contain a fair amount of nudity. Due to the nature of porn movies the women are often unable to keep hidden and this can leave them feeling uncomfortable. To a degree you can understand their position on this, but if you think about it for a second you will realize that there are better ways to get a woman fully satisfied. There are techniques that are far more effective and will leave her completely satisfied. These techniques are simple to learn but extremely effective at bringing the woman to an explosive climax.

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