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How to Talk Your Sleeve – A Brother’s Advice

Brother, can you please help me? My brother is a complete pansy ass and I want to spend the next 3 months and a year trying to get him to do anything with me. I mean, I know I’m his sister and it’s only been two months but I feel like my life is literally circling down the drain because of him. I mean, come on, he doesn’t want me, right?

Well, today is the day that I finally decided to suck out my brother’s balls and take them in my mouth. This is not going to be easy because I am so used to him being this smart and successful guy that I kind of expected him to be. This is going to be difficult because I know my brother would never admit that he likes to watch porn when I ask him what movies he wants to watch. So here is what I did.

I went over to my sister’s house and told her that I was going to try to talk my brother into getting back together with me. I think she was surprised because last time I checked she was still hung up on the fact that I went to a free porn site and asked for her brother. She said that I was a little too upfront and that she didn’t want to get back together if that was the case. This is good because I can’t tell you how many times women say “no” to their brothers, but wow, I guess you can’t deny that this is a major turn off already.

That night I had a dream about my sister and I asked God to bring her to my house that night and tonight to perform fellatio on my brother. The next morning my brother went out and told everyone that he wasn’t going to do that to my sister and then my sister started crying and said that she was just going to go kill herself. That was the day that I stopped calling her and she called me a retard for not letting her come to my house and suck my cock. I didn’t let her leave until she promised to leave one night and give me a blowjob. All that bingo stuff worked because I managed to turn her on so much that she started crying again and convinced me that we should do it.

So I took her to my house that night and spent all night pleasuring my sister. It turned out that my sister was turned on so much by my cock that she couldn’t even concentrate on doing anything with me. It was totally embarrassing for her and she loved it. That was actually the best night of my life since I got my real sleeping sister dick. I love giving oral to girls and I’ve always liked helping girls enjoy sex but never had the confidence to do it.

If you are reading this and are still struggling to figure out how to talk to your sister to let you suck her cock, then I recommend checking out the first weeks ago Real Sleeping Sister Fucking Video. You will not believe how easy it was to turn my sleeping sister on again. It turned out that I have a real hard time explaining to women what I like to them. The truth is that my sister wouldn’t mind at all if I sucked her cock.

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