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An Act of Love?

If you are looking for a porn review for Girl Bombed, I would have to say that it is one of the most well made, and intelligent porn movies to be released in recent years. A lot of women have accused James Deen (writer/ director) of sexualizing his partner in the movie, but really the two of them were a great couple in real life. They had their ups and downs, and I believe they found a way to make it work. This movie is not about what you think porn is, it is about what is real.

The movie starts out with Mike (Keanu Reeves), setting up a little getaway for his friend Scott (Aaron Ruell). The two men chat on the phone while Scott goes off to meet chicks. Two minutes later, Scott returns with two gorgeous women, Piper (Abbey Lee) and Becky (Tina Majorino). Within minutes, they are kissing, sucking on each other’s lips, and getting very intimate. Within five minutes, they are lying back on the couch while Scott sits on one knee. They switch places, and Scott penetrates Piper in the missionary position and she orgasms quickly.

Back at home, Scott gets the feeling that something is wrong and goes to the bedroom. In the meantime, Piper has been making faces and gestures at her husband. She tells him that she has seen his cuckoldery and is upset because he didn’t think to let her know. Scott then decides to have another look at his computer and discovers that his porn site has a bunch of porno cams. He goes back to the girls and asks them what they are doing and she tells him they are just having fun.

A short while later, they head to Scott’s house and he tells her that she shouldn’t be mad at him because she knew he was just trying to make her comfortable. Later on, as the girls are sitting around, Scott again pours wine on Piper’s back and she storms off into the bathroom while he follows. As soon as he enters the room, he apologizes for the way he treated her and assures her that she looks great in that dress.

A few hours later, the two are walking down the stairs when Piper stops dead in her tracks and hits him on the back of the leg. He goes down on his knees and looks her straight in the eye, saying “oh, sorry”. She tells him she’s not mad at all and notices that he is holding back a little. She then tells him that she likes the color on his t-shirt and asks if he wants to take it off. He tells her to go crazy but then suddenly realizes he probably shouldn’t have asked her to come to the house and finds that he has no choice but to put on that porno t-shirt.

Eventually, they end up at a restaurant and Piper tries to kiss him, but he pulls away. She then starts crying because her mom would be disappointed if she couldn’t come to the party and sees her at such a “degenerate” event. Scott tells her that he knows she doesn’t want to come, but he figures she might like the view and the food so he might as well go along. They leave and end up bickering about something that has happened while they were at the club. Finally, Scott gets up the courage to ask Piper out on a date, which she politely declines.

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