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hotwife captions

How to Use Hotwife Captions to Find Out Who is Sending You Messages

Hotwife captions, also known as sexy captions, are those sexy lines in your wife’s text messages that she wants to tell you about. They make a perfect companion to a hottie profile, or if you’re looking for the real deal, a great way to find out who is sending you messages.

I remember having one of these when my spouse caught me sneaking around in the night. She was reading through her phone and saw me trying to call her from my cell phone and she turned it off immediately. I was shocked at how quickly she let it go but I was still wondering exactly what I should do.

I quickly tried to call her from her husband’s phone but she hung up on me and the guy before I even finished speaking. I wasn’t going to let this one pass without getting back to her. I went to her husband’s phone and started sending her text messages but she ignored me like I never existed.

I thought about checking her wife’s phone again and found it empty except for her mom. Then I realized she was probably not that interested in me after all and I knew I had to get her phone number back. This would tell me for sure and I would be able to track down the person who was sending her those messages.

To find out who was sending the texts to my wife, I first found out what country she was from. With just her name, I typed her phone number into a search engine and I got tons of results. Some were from her husband’s phone and some were from hers.

Once I was done with that, I then went to different service sites and asked them for her name and her address. I also searched for her family’s name and found some records. I now knew exactly who was behind the texts. Knowing this, I went to her husband’s phone and tracked his wife down.

I found out that she and her husband had been talking on her wife’s friend’s phone, but that is where it stopped. She told me that the other person was sending her threatening messages and harassing her. She told me that she had confronted her husband about this one and he told her to leave the messages alone. So I started calling her husband again and found out who she had been talking to on his phone and ended the conversation there.

Hotwife captions work by putting a little description or a description of who is behind a message into a woman’s messages. This can be done through using the phone number or an email address of a particular person. If you have the person’s full name, the message will show up on the screen as such. If you don’t know the number, all you have to do is type it in one of the hotwife websites that give hotwives and get the name.

Once you find them, you can then search the site and find out the person’s name and address and other information about them. If you want to look for more information on the person’s background, you can search by area, state or city. You can even type in the name of the person you are looking for to see if they have any history in the area.

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