House Party Cheats

One of the worst mistakes you can make when planning your next house party is to let your guests know in advance that they’re going to be cheated. In fact, if you want your guests to behave, the last thing you want to do is let them know they’ll be getting a goodie bag from the hostess. This is why it’s important to avoid the common house party cheat-words like ‘cheap,’ ‘free,’ and ‘bargains.’

Cheap. Don’t let guests know you’ll be throwing a cheap house party at all. This can be avoided by simply hiring an expert designer to throw your event. Instead, if you want to make sure you’re giving your guests the very best, then the easiest way to go about this is to have a professional designer to help you with your invitations and party decorations, such as balloons.

Free. If you’ve got a house party cheat-word or two to share, don’t say anything, or even mention the possibility of the party being free. The truth is, most house parties are really just a way for the hosts to get people to stay longer and spend more money in their favor.

Bargains. Just because there are some party items you need to buy doesn’t mean you’re not going to be able to get some cheap stuff as well. If you want, you can ask your guest organizer for an inexpensive favor. This will make your guests feel like they’re really going to be appreciated.

‘Bargains’ is another word you shouldn’t use in regards to hosting a house party. You don’t want to give your guests the impression you’re trying to sell them anything – whether it’s food or drinks. You should just stick to the general idea of getting them to stay a bit longer.

If you want to avoid the common house party cheat-words, all you have to do is make sure you don’t give away your guests’ information beforehand. This will ensure that no one ever knows they’re going to be asked to pay for anything. They’ll feel they’re getting a ‘one time price’ instead of something they’ll later have to pay for.

You may also want to have your guests sign in at the door. Most guests will find that this helps them stay longer. In fact, they’ll be happy to sign in if you have their name and number, so that you can make sure you give them great thank you notes for coming and staying.

Finally, you can’t forget to mention that you’ll be having an ‘after party’ afterwards. A lot of people will find this convenient, since they can come back later and enjoy whatever you had served.

These are just a few house party cheats you can use in your next big party. Remember, however, that the best way to avoid house party cheats is to keep it as simple as possible.