Top Five Indian Porn Stars

Indian Porn Stars is not only popular around the world but all over the planet too. But that does not mean that there are no individuals who appreciate watching these desi sluts getting all trashy with a big black hard stick stuck in between their legs while there s a big white cock hanging in front of them. If you have such a soft spot for the exotic beauties and consider that their darker skin helps them look gorgeous, then you will really appreciate this article which have listed some of the top Indian porn stars to have worked in the adult industry. Just go through the list and find out why most of your friends and colleagues admire these girls.

Nemade Diamond – One of the very first names on the list is Nemade Delsan who is from the states of Orissa and India. In fact she started off as an office girl before becoming an accomplished adult star when directors saw her talent for desirous performances. Over the years her physique has undergone numerous changes and this has led to her being one of the sexiest Indian pornstars today. The amazing thing is that even though she has gone through many personal changes in her life, she still loves to perform well in films and has always remained interested in sex.

Priya Anjali Rai – This super sensuous Indian adult actress is actually from the states of Haryana and Punjab. The interesting thing about Priya Anjali is that she started off as a dancer before becoming an accomplished adult actress. Although her career got disrupted due to her marriage to an alcoholic director, she is still undeterred and is today one of the best-known porn stars of Indian origin. She has been voted the sexiest Indian pornstar of all times and is adored by her fans. Her alluring looks and winning personality have made her one of the favorite Indian performers.

Satya Paula – She too has the same name as Priya Anjali and is an incredibly talented porn star from the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. She is also one of the youngest porn actresses ever to make it big in the world of adult entertainment. She has been voted as the Sexiest Indian Pornstar of All Time and is adored by her fans. Her stunning looks and winning personality have made her one of the most popular and most desired Indian porn stars.

Sheena Wadhwa – Sheena is another incredible pornstar from India who is ranked as the Sexiest Indian Adult Star of All Time. She is a bright young actress with natural tits who has managed to get herself noticed in the adult films. She is also loved by her fans for her sensuous performances and winning personality. Her allure is her exotic beauty and she is loved for that. Sheena is one of those Indian porn stars who have managed to make their natural boobs look sensual and even better than before!

Nadia Nyce – Nadia is yet another bright young Indian pornstar with amazing natural boobs who has made a name for herself in the adult film industry. She is one of those Indian porn Stars, who has done a lot of guest appearances on TV shows in order to promote her movies. She is also one of those actresses who is loved by all her fans for her different roles in different movies. This is the reason why Nadia is one of those names that never fails to feature among the top ten in the list of India’s greatest adult film celebrities. She has a classy physique and a beautiful face, which have made her one of those names that every female viewer will recognise and identify with!