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lady sonia

How to Tell a Story Like Sonia’s in 3 Easy Steps

We’re very excited about this new Lady Sonia video, called “Caught Me With My Eyes Closed”. It’s a cute little story about Sonia, who is a single mother living with her young son, who is in foster care. Sonia has her own little apartment, but she has no money. She’s worked at/for many places and is just trying to scrape by.

She’s been married for over twenty years, and while her husband has been there since she was a teenager, she had no idea he had a criminal past until they broke up. She works at Starbucks, but doesn’t make enough money to pay her bills.

One day, Sonia gets a call from a woman who wants to know where the baby daddy is. Sonia is thrilled that she can help – and tells her about her work at Starbucks and how she was able to save enough money to buy a house with. The woman asks if Sonia will work as a nanny for an older woman who doesn’t have children of her own.

Sonia agrees to this. She takes care of the woman, and she tells her about her new found financial freedom. This is when Sonia’s relationship with the woman, Elle, takes an unexpected turn. After the two become close friends, Elle is suddenly dying from cancer. Sonia immediately thinks it was Elle’s dying wish.

When Sonia finds out about Elle’s condition, she rushes to help her. Sonia is shocked to learn that Elle was an alcoholic, and that Elle used to beat up other women for not drinking as much as she did. Sonia then goes to Elle’s apartment, and they plan to meet to discuss what Elle wants. Sonia, Elle and a friend all go to the meeting, only to find Elle dead in the bath tub.

Sonia learns that Elle died because she was afraid to get too close to Elle. Sonia is heartbroken and wants to find Elle, but the friend she met with won’t give her any information on Elle. Sonia sets out on a mission to find Elle one last time, in order to help her friend from a horrible ending.

Sonia and the other woman take a trip to Sonia’s home, but Sonia’s ex-husband doesn’t show up at all. Sonia and her friend finally get a chance to confront Sonia, but Sonia doesn’t seem like she wants to talk to them. She wants the woman to trust her and tell her everything, but the woman tells her not to say anything because she might hurt her daughter, and her children. Sonia isn’t ready to talk about the situation with her new friend.

However, a few days later, Sonia decides to call the woman again, and tell her everything she knows about the other woman, and the man who lives with her. The woman tells her everything about the woman, and the man, and their history. Sonia is surprised to find out that the other woman’s father had more than one wife.

The story ends there, with Sonia telling the woman everything she needs to know about herself and the woman who she’s looking for. Sonia’s life and the woman’s life are now totally different, as both woman move on in their own ways – even if they’re now in a completely different marriage.

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