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laura surrich nude

Laura Surrich’s Nude Friend Review

What elevates the nude Laura Surrich porn scene from the usual seedy underbelly of pornography onto the all-time hot-spot pedestal is the fact that these other women who look on so lovingly as Laura Surrich flashes her dripping wet, fleshy, preening assets are women whom we identify with – or at least want to be like. The fact that they are women, that they have sex appeal, that they have personalities and can be sexual beings just like Laura Surrich is what lifts The Nude Friends above its generic, average-quality genre. The woman that comes next is not a damsel in distress, but a personification of the female essence herself. She has agency, she knows what she wants, she commands her own sexual identity, she doesn’t feel trapped by stifling cultural norms, and above all, she has a voracious sexual appetite that can only be satisfied by pushing and experimenting with her body to the extreme, then coming back for more. That’s the kind of woman that Laura Surrich is, and the kind of person that The Nude Friends is, and that’s why The Nude Friends is as much fun as it is – because it shows women how they can be all they can be and not just pretty faces on walls.

Laura’s tattoo reveals her as the embodiment of voluptuous womanhood, and The Nude Friends is proof that porn stars can still achieve wild popularity and public appeal (even among the most macho of men). And this scene is proof that women can be sexy and still beautiful. While the majority of movies depict women as mindless sexual objects that exist only to please men, Laura’s tattoo epitomizes the fantasy that men have about women – that we are all really beautiful, that we are all able to please our partner in the most exotic and sensual ways possible. It’s a beautiful fantasy, and this is a dream come true for Laura – who loves to explore her sexuality and desires in all of her own ways.

Laura is also very open and honest in The Nude Friends, and this comes through in her decision to go completely nude in the video for “Porn Star”. She speaks frankly about her love of the male aesthetic, and shares her love of fetish fashion. This honesty shines through in the scenes with The Nude Friends, and she even discusses her fear of wearing a one-piece in “Porn Star”. All of these things are openly discussed in this DVD, and there is no judgment or criticism from the viewer.

Laura was clearly inspired by her real life – and real death – to create this beautiful work of art. She speaks candidly about her love of lingerie in the video for “Porn Star”, and the image that she wears evokes the subject matter of her first solo album. Her erotic image is shown from behind, and the viewer is left completely oblivious to her clothing until she undresses to reveal her most private parts. As the relationship between her and The Nude Friend develops, Laura’s sexuality is explored even more, and we see her making love to The Nude Friend as part of her exploration of her womanhood. In the end, she is revealed to be exactly what she is, and The Nude Friend ends as a deeply sensual scene with Laura Surrich in full command of her body.

Laura’s greatest strength as an artist is evident in her erotic drawings of naked women. The Nude Friends is filled with such stunning images and shows how Laura can draw a woman completely nude with total confidence in her artistic ability. These drawings are presented with a touch of tenderness that makes you want to explore your own fantasies with The Nude Friends. Laura has created many friends since forming this partnership with The Nude Friend, and this is clearly shown in her writings about her friendships and sharing with other women. Women will undoubtedly find themselves drawn to Laura’s erotic art, and The Nude Friend provides the means for women to share their own intimate adventures and feelings with each other.

Laura Surrich is definitely an emerging leader in the world of nude art. Her erotic style of drawing has won over critics and established her as one of the most exciting new talents in the nude art scene. Her writing is calm, sexy, and The Nude Friends is sure to set the standards that many more artists will strive to live up to. Her art will be an ongoing passion, as her work will keep getting more wild and sensual. This is definitely one woman’s choice for best erotic art.

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