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maria kanellis nude

Maria Kanellis Nude Pic

Why are they looking for nude Maria Kanellis photos on the internet? What could be so scandalous about it? Well, she recently had an affair with a wrestler from the Allentown area named Rob Van Dam. Now some people are saying that it was cheating and some are saying it was just a fling but the truth lies somewhere in between. If it was a fling then she would have gone to the police and this could ruin her career and get her in serious trouble with Vince McMahon. But if it was real then she might just be in line for a world title shot when they do decide to renew their Raw roster next year.

If you enjoy high profile celebrity cams then you will not be able to keep up with the amount of websites that are dedicated to catching these cheating acts on camera. They post whatever they want on there and it usually involves nude photographs of their favorite stars. So what is so scandalous about them doing this? Is it not right to expose the bad behaviors of these people?

The fact is that it is not right to look at someone naked and use that as a basis for making conclusions about them. Even if it was OK to look and not to act, there is still a line drawn. You can look at someone in a negligee or dress and decide that they have sexual intent for your own enjoyment. However, you cannot look at them naked and draw conclusions about their intentions.

That is exactly what happened in recent weeks when the Kanellis story broke. A few sites popped up offering “free porn” pictures of Maria Kanellis. The reasoning was that she is a celebrity and therefore should be able to look at anything that you want and not have to worry about being scrutinized. That is ridiculous, because every single person on the Internet has a right to feel exposed and supported and the fact that she freely made the decision to look at nude pictures while she was promoting her movie makes that even more true.

Look, we all know that everyone on the Internet is going to have an opinion. You do not have to choose between looking at nude pictures of Maria Kanellis and looking at a few of the other celebrities who were caught in the past. What you do have to decide is if you are willing to look at nude pictures of other people in the same way that Maria Kanellis did. If you are not comfortable with that, then you should not look at them.

The truth is that many women are uncomfortable looking at a woman nude. That is simply the way it is. We are built different and the natural instinct is to be concealed. While there is nothing wrong with seeing a beautiful woman lying on a beach in a bikini, there is something wrong seeing that woman in her underwear. Nude pictures can be fun and flirty at the same time so why look at them any other way?

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