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mary tyler moore nude

Photos of Ms. Palin – Are They On?

One of the more exciting new stars to make an entrance on the red carpet is none other than Mary Tyler Moore. She dazzled in the movie, “reespiration”, and now she’s ready to show the world what she can do with her own nudity. She poses in a French maid type dress with long legs and a low cut shirt. The camera zooms in when the camera next zooming out shows that Mary Tyler Moore sports long golden hair, a loose side piece, and long dark hair.

She also wears dark glasses and a long black ringlet scarf. The neckline of the garment exposes much of her exposed back. The bottom half of her lower half is covered in a low cut blouse with see through lace. The back of the dress falls straight to the floor and exposes her white and gold panties. It’s enough to make even the most conservative woman jump! The legs are exposed as well, but just barely.

Mary Tyler Moore is not the first celebrity to pose for a nude photo shoot. In fact, many stars have done so before you ever heard of them. But, she is the newest to pose totally nude in a photo shoot for a lingerie company. Her appearance brings a new meaning to the term free porn for women. It seems that the word free doesn’t apply any longer to nude photos.

Many people have called the photo shoot a “rape” of the star. But, in reality, most women would agree that it is simply a sexual look that brings out the natural beauty in most females. And, while some may call it pornography, we could also make a valid argument that nudity is sexy. Think about female athletes who are seen without their underwear during games. It brings out their competitive spirit and helps them show off their skills. That’s what Nude Palin has done in this photo shoot.

While many are criticizing the photos as “too sexy”, it seems that the public wants more of the Ms. Palin. After all, she is a famous name with many followers. So, many are trying to follow her example and look sizzling in a nude.

And, that is OK. We all want more of ourselves and less of the drudgery of the media and advertisers pushing us to look like models. More women are looking to their own photos to inspire them to feel sexy and beautiful. That’s a good thing.

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