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naked mom

The Naked Mom Series by Lisa Miller

Savvy parenting with a mother who is also a writer is what the Naked Mom series is all about. Written by Lisa Miller, this series of nine books written for a young mother to be have touched the hearts and minds of millions of mothers throughout the years. The Naked Mom: An Intimate Look at Raising Four Kids by Lisa Miller is a refreshing and empowering narrative of growing up with a mother who is also a professional writer.

Lisa Miller’s memoir, while more personal than some other works on the market, still manages to be very educational. While not all the information is applicable to most families today, this book is an incredible introduction to life as a first time mother. Savvy parenting by the author, Lisa Miller, is about balancing work and life with caring for the four children you are raising in your life.

As a single mother, Lisa Miller provides a unique and insightful perspective that is needed when working on balancing the two worlds. In the beginning of the book, she describes how difficult it was growing up and raising children. This is an experience many people share, but those that have gone through it will not forget what they went through. The stories in the series, are some of the most powerful and insightful I have ever read in a work of literature. The author has captured some of my own experiences and passed them on to her readers with honesty and humor.

In The Naked Mom by Lisa Miller, each chapter begins with an epilogue that gives readers a glimpse into the lives of her four children. In addition, there are a few recipes found throughout the pages of the novel as well. The Naked Mom was recently released on eBook by Hyperion Press, which is one of the premier publishing houses in the world.

When reviewing this particular memoir, I noticed that in the beginning and throughout most of the book, Lisa Miller talks about her family, her upbringing, and the hardships she endured as a single mother before she was even a mother. As a single mother, Lisa had to balance a career and raising children on her plate. She writes about the struggles that were met in raising her children and gives a beautiful example of how to be a single mother and still be successful in your career.

While writing this series of nine books, Lisa Miller was able to provide thousands of tips and techniques on raising kids from her experience. She uses her personal story to provide her readers with valuable information that can help them raise successful families of their own. She shares her wisdom and her experiences throughout the series in her memoirs, which makes her stories priceless to her readers.

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