Anal Sex For Your Happy Love Life

Getting fingered in the butt is fun enough for a girl, but what happens when your man wants to explore your butt with a double butt plug? This is where “Nicolette Shea Anal Stimulation” comes in. This free porn video gives you some guidelines on how to use these butt plugs for maximum pleasure and you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself or anyone else.

First, you need to prepare the sexual position. It doesn’t matter if you do it on your own or you have a partner, make sure that both of you are comfortable and relaxed. If you have a partner, it would be better if they lie down on their sides and bent at the waist so that the butt plug can reach the anal area easily. You should be able to access the anal plug from all angles, so it will feel comfortable. If you are on your own, you can position yourself to where you can bend your knees and enter from behind. Before you insert the plug, lubricate the surface with some water or oil so it won’t slip out or cause any pain.

The first step is to insert the plug and massage the clitoris gently in the area of the anal stimulation. The plug may cause some pain and discomfort, but just try not to focus on that. As you insert the plug, massage the glans and the shafts with your finger to help you feel the girth. Keep the plug in place while you stimulate the clit. If you feel any irritation, you can stop stimulation and wait for a bit to let it go.

Once you get the glans nice and wet, insert the second butt plug. The two butt plugs need to be inserted at the same time in order for you to get the maximum amount of stimulation. If you don’t get them inserted at the right time, you won’t be able to reach climax. Massage the inside of the inner vagina to prepare the area for insertion. You may want to use a lubricant so the area doesn’t slip out.

With your other hand, play with your partner’s butts to help build anticipation for the new sensation. Once the butt plug is inserted, start rubbing the top of the plug up against the top of the anus. The friction of the plug against the anus will cause a great deal of pleasure. However, this sensation will be accompanied by pain, so if you have any fear at all, stop and relax.

It’s best to have someone to help with this since it’s not easy to do it alone. One of the most important things to remember when having anal sex is safety. You must always wear a condom. Keep your partner in mind and tell her if she should not proceed. When you’re both ready, you’ll be able to have lots of great anal sex.