Why A Nudist Mom May Not Want To Make Her Lesbian Views Advertised On The Mom Message Board

Some time back, I wrote an article titled “Nudist Mom Porn: Why Aren’t There More of These?”. My intent was not to bash on the nudist mom movement or denigrate women who choose to remain in the private, nude, home-based world of sexual expression after childbirth. Rather, I wanted to present a reality based upon factual information from an online article directory that offers “rated” articles. It turns out that there is a high rate of “approved” views in the “adult” or nudist related sections. In this light, it becomes evident that a large contingent of mature moms may be actively seeking erotic stimulation through the Internet.

As a result of the information I received from the” Rated” category, I began to make inquiries about the nature of “nudity” and the reasons older women seek such stimulation. The answer appears to be that many older women with nudist mom friends are seeking sexual release through exposure to erotic images and scenes. Interestingly, many of these women were not even born as females but identified as such during childhood. In other words, they identified with being a female even though their biological gender was unknown. This would seem to indicate that they have come to view their gender non-conformity as a problem, thus the reason for seeking exposure to erotic materials.

Does the existence of a large adult women community of women seeking erotic stimulation when they reach a point in their lives where they are satisfied with their bodies, support these women? My research indicates that there is a strong correlation between those seeking erotic stimulation and those who view pornography. Interestingly, my research also indicates that those seeking eroticism in these women seem to have more complex lesbian relationships and are often married to multiple partners. Does this mean that the older nudist mom with nudist girl – girlfriend stories are fantasy? No, I do not believe so, but it does indicate that people who view pornography may be exploring multiple sexual partners and are often married to multiple partners.

While many older women who are members of the older nudist mom groups do not rate sexual material as “porn,” some do. The reason that many of those who rate pornography as “porn” also tend to rate erotica (e.g., erotic fiction, etc.) as “porn” has a little something to do with the way that we use the word “porn.” When we speak of someone who views pornography as “porn,” we typically use the word in a pejorative manner – as in “that’s not real porn, mom.”

The reason that many younger women do not rate erotic material as “porn,” may have something to do with younger women being bombarded by sexual messages in media forms ranging from magazines to video games. Some young women, especially those who are under the age of 18, are still developing and maturing. They do not typically process such messages in a negative way. While mature adults who are more open-minded may be offended by seeing animal pornography, they do not see it the same way as younger women do. Similarly, there are older nudist moms who do not feel personally offended by seeing lesbian pornography, although there are certainly older women who would find lesbian pornography offensive.

It would seem to follow some logical reasoning that if a lesbian lover, whether she is married or not, views erotic material, it could be viewed by other adult women as “porn.” In this case, the very same mature mom who is posting her views on the Mom Message Board may also find herself in an uncomfortable situation when other married moms find her comments offensive and disagree with her. It therefore seems that those who post lesbian views on the Mom Message Board need to make sure that they are aware that their intentions are considered offensive by younger women who frequent that forum and are also parents of young women who are also part of the lesbian community.