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public nudity

Proposition 37 in San Francisco Expands Sexual Activity to Public Areas

“The Right of Public Nudity” is a term that describes any behavior that is not in keeping with social norms. It is a debate that typify an exceptionally liberal metropolis, but it is also a sign of the importance of personal freedom to Americans. Proposition 37, which was recently passed by a majority of voters in San Francisco, California, a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, passed by a large margin with a significant majority of votes.

The debate surrounding the proposition in San Francisco on the right of public nudity is not a new one. In fact, it goes back a very long way to the beginning of American history and up to our current day.

In 1817, Nancy Peterkin wrote the book, “The Naked Ape,” which is considered the first modern day erotic novel. She went on to write about the nude culture of Europe, especially during Napoleon Bonaparte’s reign, and her book had an influence upon Mary Wollstonecraft who wrote the same story but this time with the use of the female role of a Virgin Mary.

With the inception of the Civil Rights Movement, the issue of public nudity came to the forefront. There are many examples in history where people have been arrested or humiliated because they were wearing clothing that did not fit in with the society’s values. Some examples include the Roman Emperor Nero publicly strips on a huge scale and has his head chopped off. He was a symbol of the Roman Empire and a powerful and feared leader. Even during the civil rights movement, people were being arrested for public nudity because they were in a “white power” or anarchist rally.

Public nudity has continued to be a topic of discussion over the past several decades as many Americans have become more liberal in their views. Many say that nudity is a form of artistic expression as well as a way for individuals to feel more comfortable with themselves and how they look. Others say that nudity is wrong because it encourages promiscuity and sexual perversion.

Proposition 37 in San Francisco was not actually passed because it is an issue of free speech. It is more than that; nudity in San Francisco encourages sexual activity because it encourages individuals to expose their buttocks and genitals in front of other people without their consent. This is an invasion of privacy and an invasion of the personal boundaries that Americans are accustomed to.

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