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Gay Marriage And Same-Sex Relationships Are Not The Same As Mom Son And Daddies Incest

It is interesting that one of the most common arguments of those who want to have gay marriages in their church and statehouses is that the gay marriage is just like a “real mom son incest”. They argue that incest in general does not happen in heterosexual relationships. This makes sense, but it’s also irrelevant because gays and lesbians are just like straight people – we can’t just say that incest and homosexuality are the same thing because they’re not.

When it comes to the sexual relationship between a husband and wife, both men and women engage in all sorts of sex acts, including sex with one another. It’s only when you start talking about a father and a son or daughter that you start getting into an argument about whether or not gay marriage is wrong.

There are some differences between the two sexes in how they act in bed. Most women love to make their boyfriends feel special and all the better for it. The difference is that most men simply do not take that kind of pleasure. Gay men don’t care if their partner doesn’t enjoy it because they are acting on their own sexual desires.

This doesn’t mean that gay couples can’t be like straight couples because that would be unfair. It just means that the two partners don’t have the same view of sex.

On the other hand, the only argument I’ve heard against the idea of gay marriage is that the children would be harmed. The argument is that if gays and lesbians are allowed to marry then the children will be subjected to the same kinds of problems that are faced by straight couples. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but this isn’t true.

There are a lot of statistics out there that show that children who grow up with lesbian parents are no worse off than children raised by a gay couple. There have also been studies showing that the gay community does not have a higher rate of domestic violence or other abuse compared to the heterosexual community. So even if there was some kind of problem it would be very small compared to the amount of abuse faced by heterosexual couples. The real debate is not about whether or not gay marriage is right, it’s about whether or not it’s right for the children.

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