Why Rhona Mitra Nude Photo Shoots

Rhona Mitra nude model career began in the late seventies when she began her modeling career posing for Max Apparel. She was discovered by photographer Don McCullin, who signed her to his “Playboy” magazine. From there, Rhona moved into films such as Face Off (with Edward Fox), Scarface (with Joe D’Amato), Swing Low Doc (with Steve Martin), Man on the Moon (with Marla Maples Miller) and the remake of Charlie Brown (with John Aston and Sandra Bullock). Following those films, she was nominated for an Academy Award for her work in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.

After that, she moved on to focus on being an actress and appeared in a number of independent films as well as Hollywood blockbusters. In her last project before she retired, she starred as a guest star in the movie Invictus opposite Michael Gambon. It was a role that did not work out beyond the end of its limited release. However, in the last ten years or so, Rhona has appeared in quite a few nude photo shoots including one for Esquire, as well as covers for Penthouse and GQ.

I spoke with Rhona several times over the phone about her recent shoots and was surprised at how open she was to talk about her career, her love of photography, and what types of photographs she enjoys. She was candid in saying that she likes to photograph young girls in lingerie or in sexy poses where her breasts are visible. She also loves to shoot women in sports such as yoga, skiing, running, and sailing. She admits that she has a difficult time choosing which images to shoot because sometimes she will prefer the images with a more seductive flair while other times she will want to get down and personal with the subjects. Regardless of the images she chooses, it seems that rhona never tires of being a nude model.

I would say that in her current photo shoot for Esquire magazine, her best asset is definitely her long legs. It seems that anytime she is barefoot it seems to be a success. Other than that, the images themselves are tastefully done which really shows off Rhona’s sensuality and her cute sense of humor. She loves to joke with the photographer and says that she is happy to be able to go nude and has the photographer asked her to do all sorts of things that she normally would not have dreamed of doing.

When asked what type of photographs she likes to shoot most, Rhona said that her favorites are portraits that feature people who are not necessarily her friends. She really loves to shoot children because they are so cute. She loves to shoot moms because moms are always cute and they love to shoot. The photographer that she has the most fun with is named Alex Mandossian. He really captures the spirit of the baby and it helps to lighten the mood of the mom when the mother is feeling a little down. They also love to take shots of spouses, both married and dating, because they are humorous and funny.

As you can see, Rhona has a good time shooting her nude photo shoot and she looks fabulous in them. This article should have given you a better understanding as to why this artiste is having such a great time nude photo shooting. Her photos are definitely something to behold and if you ever have the pleasure of seeing some of Rhona’s work then I promise you will keep looking back because she sure makes some great pictures!