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Romanticism is defined as an intense emotional feeling of affection for, or a passionate attraction towards another individual, and generally, the courtship behaviours undertaken by an individual to display these emotions and resulting feelings to the other person. Romanticism can also describe the feelings or thoughts of longing experienced by an individual towards a specific person. The term romanticism refers to any intense attachment to another individual; romantic love in particular.

It is a common misconception that only one type of person can be a romantic person, but a true romantic is anybody who have strong emotions towards another human being, or any other animal and nature, even the smallest insects. A true romantic person can have feelings towards people of every age and race, as well as feelings towards other people’s religion, beliefs, and cultures.

In fact, people who are romantically inclined will have a deep and profound connection with their sexual desire and passion. People who are romantically attracted to animals will often experience erotic fantasies about having sex with animals, often fantasizing about being the prey. Those who are romantically inclined will often exhibit similar behaviours towards other human beings such as kissing and touching, which is common in humans, however, they will also display a deep and profound connection with each other as well.

Romanticism is commonly displayed in humans in the way in which they interact with their family, friends, fellow students and acquaintances. It is also evident in the way in which one displays affection towards animals and vice versa, as well as those that engage in sexual activities. It is also a common trait to experience a deep sense of connection to one’s religion and culture, as well as a feeling of belongingness.

Romanticism in relationships between individuals may often be expressed in a physical or sexual manner, which is referred to as romance. However, it may also be manifested in the way in which the individual develops a deep and profound emotional connection with a fellow human being, and a feeling of belongingness towards that human being, as well as a feeling of being apart from others.

Relationships between human beings may be based on different types of beliefs or philosophies, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the likes. Most relationships, however, are based on shared values and beliefs, and ideals. Romanticism can manifest itself in the way in which an individual relates to his or her religion, their country, their culture, their own physical appearance and style of dress, their hobbies, their personal style of living, and their habits, and preferences and most importantly, the way in which they relate to the world around them.

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