A Look at Sharon Tate Nude Scenes

When first seen in public, Sharon Tate was assuming to be the glamorous daughter of famous actress Josie D’Urso, the star of the movie Easy A.? D’Urso had earlier been married tourist Victor Maitland, whom she met on the set of the movie Easy A. She also starred in She Loves Me and Easy A. However, in addition to these movies, Sharon also appeared in three other films prior to divorcing Victor Maitland in 1991. As such, her filmography stretches over fourteen years, the time period when most of the Free Pornographic films were made.

The most popular of her films after Easy A would have to be Viva Nudes, which was released in 1996. While it was not as successful or popular as the previous films, Viva Nudes did feature one of Sharon’s most memorable nude scenes, in which she is completely covered in pubic hair. However, since Viva Nudes featured a completely nude Vera Wang, some people were surprised to see her on-screen with her husband and fellow porn actor Richard Dean Anderson. Despite this, the film did not receive the reception it deserved at the time and has since become one of the few films that was not well received by critics or fans. Perhaps this was due to the fact that the film failed to address the issue of nudity in mainstream pornography and did not feature any nude scenes of its characters.

Another film that should definitely be mentioned within the Sharon Tate nude scene list is Girlfriends. Directed by Morgan Freeman, the film depicts the titillating adventures of some of the most well known faces from Hollywood. Specifically, the film features the first lesbian love scene between Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston, which were certainly overdue for a movie like Girlfriends. While the movie was not exactly a success, it did manage to score an Oscar nomination, and this helped it gain some mainstream attention.

The year 1997 saw the release of Panty Hottie, which was directed by Holly Hunter. In this film, Hunter tackles the issue of how women feel about being nude in public, as well as how their bodies should be perceived. The movie glorified the female body as it was used for titillation rather than for artistic and erotic purposes. Despite some negative reviews of the film, many of them seem to forget that the nudity is meant to be artful, and therefore, should not be viewed in a negative light. In the case of Panty Hottie, the director managed to make a very controversial and sexy nude scene, which did not go down well with many in the community of film critics and viewers.

Another prominent example of a film that was not well received is Scream. This movie is known for using shock value in scenes that are intended to be titillating, or sexy. However, even if the viewer chooses to disregard the nudity, they would still find the scene to be inappropriate for family viewing. The scene involves the character Candy showers in blood upon waking up from a coma, which seems to be suggestive of graphic sexual activity. The scene has since been deleted from most DVD stores, but you can still find it online.

One other nude scene that was shown on MTV was the shoot outside of studio studios in Miami during the production of Stagecoach. There were plenty of controversial issues raised regarding the scene involving Barbara Streisand’s character sucking on a man’s ear. This scene was eventually removed from the release of the movie, but it caused outrage among many people. It was probably the reason why the Streisand’s bunny costume incident became such a big deal when it happened years later.