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Brother In Law Licks Daughter’s Clitoris – A Free Porn Video

Brother-in-law wants to give his sister a surprise night out. He tells his brother that he is going to buy her something special and that it will be a surprise night out for him and her. After they get back to his house, he tells his sister he has taken her out for a nice dinner. They are talking in the kitchen while eating when her brother walks into the room.

Brother-in-law comes over to his sister and grabs her hand, telling her she will never have another night out with him without him, because he already knows what he wants her to do tonight. Step daughter takes his cock out of her mouth and starts sucking on it.

Brother-in-law walks over and asks her if she wants to give him a blowjob. She says yes. Brother-in-law tells her to get on all fours and to suck his dick. Step daughter agrees and starts licking her brother’s cock. She gets up off of her knees and starts licking his balls.

The next thing brother-in-law notices is that his sister is giving him a hard time getting his girl to suck his cock. He walks up to his sister and tells her that he is going to let her do this. Brother-in-law pulls his step daughter off of his step sister and tells her to suck his dick. Step daughter is shocked at this turn of events and doesn’t know what to do. Brother-in-law says if she wants to do that then she should.

The two men start to get really close. Brother-in-law starts licking her sister’s nipples, while her brother looks at her face. Sister is looking at him in amazement. She realizes that this is how things will go. Brother-in-law starts licking her sister’s neck and back. She wants to say something, but her sister says there isn’t much to say. When she tries to say something, brother-in-law just continues to lick her.

After a few minutes of this, brother-in-law asks step daughter if she wants to go up on him and tell him how much she loves him. She says yes. So she jumps up on her brother and takes him in her tight little wet mouth. Her brother can’t take his eyes off of her little tush. so he starts to suck on her clitoris and she moans out in pleasure. After some time, brother-in-law turns to his step daughter and tells her how much she turns him on.

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