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tarzan x

Tarzan X – A Sequel to an Excellent Movie

Tarzan X is a 2021 American fantasy action film directed by none other than Seth Rogen and starring Halle Berry, Robert Patrick, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Theroux, and Ed Norton. In this movie the late psychiatrist, Dr. Alice Cross (Ashley Tisdale) comes to live in an orphanage after her husband’s tragic death. The daughter of a powerful crime lord sends her to live with an Indian tribesman and magic-master who happen to be the only remaining child of a man she plans to marry. When the two are captured and taken to the prison where the wizard lives, Alice must learn to control her newly found strength while learning to deal with the darker side of human nature.

The late scene is where most of the humor and appeal of the film takes place. The entire movie is shot in black and white with the exception of some brief, odd colored scenes. One of those sequences involves the lead character, Tarzan, who is wearing a pink shirt with a heart protruding from his chest. He is chained to a board along with several other prisoners and a vicious tiger tries to attack him. When the rope around his wrists is cut, he manages to kill the tiger with a shotgun he pulled from his pocket.

The other prisoners include a muscular, dark-skinned man who is also a friend of Alice, and a blonde woman who have the ability to turn people into animals. They are soon joined by a large muscular male who wants to become the strongest and also the most powerful being on Earth. While doing battle with the others, he is injured by the blond. After getting help from a fireman, the blonde decides to use her new abilities on the men and they are transformed into powerful robots. These robots of course have no memory since they were once part of a team of humans called the Underground.

With them as a team, they now fight against the evil King, who is after the crown for his own. To complicate matters, he has another group of soldiers led by his son called Kutch, who are following him and have a massive army of warriors under their command. Kutch’s troops attack the Underground and Tarzan saves Alice.

Now the real action begins. Kutch’s troops spot a large unconscious figure in a tree. Thinking it may be a gorilla, they quickly attack but are killed by Alice. In a rescue attempt, she kills the King’s guards and then traps Kutch and his troops inside the palace. There, she transforms herself into the jungle’s most dangerous creature, a tamed version of the biggest snake-like monster that lives on the island. It is up to Tarzan and Alice to save the day while battling the giant snake-like creature.

In the end, both characters are badly injured but succeed in destroying the evil King. It is up to Alice and Tarzan to help the remaining humans and Animals on the Island. The fights with the snakes prove to be extremely fierce, even though they are much outnumbered. However, they are able to subdue the snakes, resulting in only two people to help save the humans on the island: Kutch and Alice. The ending of this film, like the beginning, is amazing.

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