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How to Trick Your Spouse – Get Them in Bed Like Never Before

Spiked Up Porn – The story of my mom’s first night in jail with a guy. Spiked Up Porn is the story of my mom’s first experience with male masturbation – and how it left her a mess of a girl…but with a craving for more! When I was growing up, I’d never even heard of a “sissy orgasm.” We girls were taught that a “real” orgasm came from penetration – and penetration was something that only men did. So when my mom went to jail, I found myself in the dark about what a real orgasm was like.

10 minutesSneaky Girlfriend gets tricked by a husband cheating on her Spouse, wife gets fooled by husband cheating on her, she gets her first anal penetration – and a surprise anal insertionary! My mom gets tricked by a husband cheating on her, she is then tricked by wife to take a surprise anal insertionary. She goes to the jail cell…and a surprise anal inventory follows! Spiced Up Porn has the power to turn a girl on like never before!

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