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video sex

Should You Watch a Video of Sex?

Video sex has become very popular over the past few years. People seem to like the ability to get their sex on and they also enjoy being able to see what it looks like. Some people are not so keen on the idea of video sex though.

Why would someone not want to be able to see what goes on in the bedroom? The answer, according to many women, is because they want to feel comfortable in the room with their partner. When they are in a closed in bedroom and see the screen, they can see what they are doing while they are having sex. Many couples have even found it a bit creepy and disturbing when one partner starts to masturbate as the other watches.

However, if you think about it this way, is the new pandemic in sex actually affecting you? Have you noticed that there has been a decrease in the number of people having sex? And while it is true that you may be having less sex with your partner because of video sex, you should also think about how much you are having sex and whether it has decreased. If you have seen an increase in your sex life then chances are that you are not going to need to see as much sex.

Another argument against video sex is that the amount of sex that you have will definitely not be as passionate as it could be. You may have to watch a lot of porn or a lot of movies in order to get your hands on something that is intense enough. You will need to take some time to really get your arousal up if you are not ready for this type of thing. It is definitely not something that is for everyone.

The last thing that most women do not like about video sex is that they are not as private as they would like them to be. With a video you don’t always get to hear what is going on in your partner’s head or what their fantasies are. This can be a little bit embarrassing, but the fact is that you will not be hearing them talk to you as you watch.

You may feel that video sex is a little uncomfortable at first. However, if you find that you want more than this then you will be happy to try it. Just make sure that you are open minded and are comfortable with your partner and they are comfortable with the idea of you watching as well.

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